There’s a liability in having your dogs run loose. With a dog fence or kennel, you’re protecting not only yourself, but your family, dogs, property and neighbors. About 20 percent of Lady Fencer customers come in looking for dog kennels or dog fencing, so you know you’re getting experienced advice and service.


Low-cost chain link fencing is perfect for keeping pets contained in a yard or outdoor kennel. Dog kennels can be constructed of premade chain-link panels that come in a couple of standard sizes and connect together. Or if a customer wants something larger, Lady Fencer can custom build a kennel to order.


It’s important to know what size kennel is appropriate for which size dog. Lady Fencer can advise customers on the right size kennel depending on the breed. A 10×15 foot kennel is recommended for big dogs, while a 5×10 foot kennel is OK for smaller dogs.

The important thing is that there’s plenty of room for the dog to run back and forth.


While chain link dog kennels are the most common, you can have something that’s both beautiful as well as functional by upgrading to a kennel that’s made of aluminum. Alumi-Guard offers designer fences consisting of “puppy pickets” — pickets that are spaced closer together to keep pets in. These may cost as much as 50 percent more than a chain-link kennel, but if aesthetics are important it’s a great way to go.