Driveway entrance gates are becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who live on large property, out in the country or in homes far back from the road. The gate acts as a traffic control device to keep people from coming up the driveway uninvited. One customer came to Lady Fencer for a driveway gate after returning from a vacation and discovering someone had dumped hundreds of used tires on their property.


Like most all gates offered by Lady Fencer, driveway entrance gates are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet whatever the customer needs. Most are made of decorative aluminum. Entry gates are all special order because the specifications aren’t standard. To get started, bring your measurements to Lady Fencer.


Entry gates can be opened and closed manually of course, but because most people don’t want to get out of their cars in the pouring rain they choose an electronic opening device. Lift Master is the leading manufacturer of gate operating systems. Gates traditionally swing open. You can active the gate with a remote control, keypad or even a cell phone.


While some people choose to hire a contractor to install an entry gate, it’s a fairly easy project that many can handle themselves. Lady Fencer can supply the gate, the hardware, the operating mechanism and expert advice to get you on your way.