Decorative handrails lining your rocking chair porch, back deck or front steps look good and serve a purpose. They both add value to your home, and are necessary for safety. Often these railings are originally built of wood, which deteriorates over time. One solution is to replace them with aluminum railings which are durable in all kinds of weather and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Lady Fencer keeps a variety of aluminum porch railings in stock.


The standard porch rail is 36 or 42 inches high. You’ll want the same style and make of railings that line the porch running down the steps. Lady Fencer recommends topping the step rails with a sturdy railing that can be gripped for extra safety. A variety of colors are available, including black, white, green, bronze and gray.


One thing to keep in mind is that older homes about to go on the market will often require new porch railings to be brought up to code and meet insurance requirements. Because most older porches aren’t that big, there’s a good chance Lady Fencer will already have everything you need in stock to complete the job quickly and get your resale on its way.